Sydney Harbour Bridge

For a while when it was first completed in 1932, Sydney Harbour Bridge was the longest single-span bridge in the world, and represented a great engineering triumph. With a main span of 503m (1650ft) and a total length of 1149m (3770ft), it provided a vital link between the North Shore and Sydney City (and the Central Business District) on the south side of the harbour. It remains the world's widest long-span bridge: its width of 49m (160ft) includes eight lanes of road, two rail tracks, a cycle path and a footway.

Although the object of great national pride, Sydneysiders (as the residents of Sydney are known) promptly applied their talent for understatement by nicknaming it 'The Coathanger'. But this reflects an essential truth about its famous silhouette: a very simple shape has been employed to create a structure of enormous strength.

The bridge has its own museum, called Pylon Lookout, which is set in the south-eastern pylon (tower); it tells the story of the bridge's construction, and there's a magnificent view of the harbour from the top level, 87m (285ft) above mean sea level.

Alternatively, the 'BridgeClimb' will take you to the very top of the bridge, 134m (415ft) above mean sea level, in an exhilarating 3½-hour guided adventure on the upper catwalks and ladders.

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