The Rocks

This is where the passengers and crew of Australia's First Fleet, bringing the first European settlers to the continent, landed and set up camp in 1788. Known as the Rocks, the old town quarter retains something of its historic air, with cobbled lanes and a collection of old buildings. It includes Sydney's oldest building, Cadman's Cottage, built 1815-16; and the Susannah Place Museum, a small folk museum in a set of terrace houses dating from 1844, which evokes the daily life of ordinary Sydneysiders in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Lying between Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, The Rocks has become a popular attraction, with shops (and a weekend craft market), historic pubs, and hotels famed for their views. Those interested in modern art should look out for the temporary exhibitions mounted by the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) located in a large Art Deco building between The Rocks and West Circular Quay. (Museum of Contemporary Art)

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